The Problem

     There is a pedophile problem within the Jehovah's Witnesses. What is causing this problem? Based on a fact-finding project these causes are as follows

The Two-witnesses Doctrine

     In their holy writ, and in the New World Translation of the Holy Scriptures there are Bible narratives of having all (JW) matters established by two or three witnesses. The two-witnesses narrative in the Bible is an official doctrine in the Jehovah's Witnesses. The problem is there are normally no witnesses to child molestation other than the victim and the perpetrator. Law enforcement will look for other material evidence too. 

The First  Step: call the Watch-tower's Legal Department

     The first specific course of action is to call the Watchtower's legal department. This is done to determine child abuse reporting laws. There is not one documented instance of a JW being reported to law enforcement by the Watchtower. If a JW minister is reading this and has reported abuse to law enforcement, you are to be "commended." Fell free to share your experience

If There is No Witness to the Molestation, It Is Left in "Jehovah's Hands."

     This complicates things for the molestation victim who needs help. Some members who have tried to report the molestation to law enforcement are threatened with disfellowshipping by certain elders. 

When the Molester is Charged with a Crime, the victim sits alone in Court

     When the molester is charged and tried, the victim sits alone while the defendant has the complete support of his/her kingdom hall

The Watchtower Protects Pedophiles by using First Amendment Protections

     Watchtower leaders have used the first amendment and clerical exemption in court to protect pedophiles. Clerical exemption is a bad rule that allows religious bodies exemption from certain type of law suits. Law laws is one example of exemption. The watchtower has argued that the victim have no case because they are protected by clerical exemption and the first amendment. The UN Declaration on Human Rights specifically states that actions done in the name of human rights that amount to the denial of another's human rights are incompatible with human rights principles. Using the first amendment to protect a pedophile members is incompatible with human rights. This is a human rights abuse.

The Watchtower's Attitude Towards the World Complicates the Problem

     Jehovah's Witnesses are taught that all non-members are uniformed and ignorant by default. The Watchtower wants to keep these issues in-house as a result. This naturally means not reporting child molestation to "worldly" organizations like local police departments

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